How Much Does It Cost to Live in Selangor, Malaysia?

Selangor is a small city located in Malaysia with a metropolitan area population of 55,887. A couple could live a moderate lifestyle in Selangor on a budget of $1,404 per month, or $16,853 per year.

Cost of Living in Selangor, Malaysia

As noted above, the cost of living in Selangor, Malaysia is $1,404 per month for a couple living a moderate lifestyle. This budget consists of $585 for housing related costs, $513 for food, and $307 for other costs, all of which will be broken down below.


  • A one-bedroom apartment in the city center of Selangor is estimated to cost $471
  • Basic utilities including electricity, water, and gas will run about $70
  • High-speed internet averages $43


  • Typical grocery costs of $304 per month include things like bread, eggs, milk, cheese, rice, chicken breast, bottled water, fruits, and vegetables
  • Alcohol including beer and wine for moderate home consumption costs about $126
  • Frequent coffees in a neighborhood café are estimated to be about $83


  • Meals out are estimated to be $108 per month, including 4 meals in mid-range restaurants and 8 in inexpensive restaurants
  • Transportation costs of $105 for public transport passes and occasional taxis
  • Fitness center memberships of $74
  • Cinema tickets of $19 include several outings for international releases

Note that Selangor, Malaysia is a somewhat walkable city with a Walk Score of 54/100, which means you may need a car if you are living in the city center and you will probably need to use public transportation frequently.

Amount of Money Needed to Retire in Selangor, Malaysia

Many people searching the internet for the cost of living in Selangor, Malaysia are doing so to see if and when they can quit their jobs and retire. A popular and easy way to calculate your retirement number is using the 4% Rule.

The 4% Rule estimates that a person(s) could withdraw 4% of their retirement nest egg and never run out of money. Using this calculation, a couple would need an investment portfolio of $421,332 to live a moderate lifestyle in Selangor, Malaysia.

Annual expenses of $16,853 ÷ 4% = $421,332 portfolio needed.

Of course, everyone’s financial situation is different, and the above calculation could change based on any other sources of passive income and social security income.


Overall, the cost of living in Selangor, Malaysia is affordable coming in at $1,404 for a couple living a moderate lifestyle. Those seeking to retire could do so comfortably with a retirement portfolio of $421,332.